Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pokemon Go ... Go, now! ...Go?

I just downloaded the new Pokemon Go game app on my iPhone. I was surrounded by small children (we had a sleepover at my house), and the shouting and grabbing induced a heightened state of Pokemon scarcity that caused a kid frenzy. I won the shout and grab battle, because I'm an adult and it's my phone. I quickly chose a name and created my avatar (the kids were screaming for the blue hair! no, the purple!) and I managed to scramble together a decent enough avatar before the kids' sticky fingers smudged the screen. I activated the camera view and the screaming and screeching reached a crescendo as I was told that there was a Pokemon in my bedroom. We rounded the corner, and sure enough a Charmander was sitting on my computer chair. I threw a couple of pokeballs at it... and caught it! Now it was the girls' turn, but as they reached and grabbed, the server became overwhelmed and the app shut down. Cue more kid shouting.

I probably should have let the kids have the first go, but... nah. It was a fun three minutes!

We can't wait to continue this adventure.

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