Friday, August 5, 2011

Starting a job as an Adjunct

I'll be teaching literature and composition this fall. I'm very excited, only I wish I had a little more time to prepare. It's difficult to find the time to thoroughly read through the material since I'm running after Mirabelle non-stop. Luckily, I've read most of the fiction and poetry already.

My novel, aahh! I'm almost finished the first draft of Book II, am about 80% done, but class preparation and teaching and grading is sure to curb my progress. And then there's my plans for baby number 2...

To date, I've sold about 200 copies of my book and I've received my first royalty check. My marketing efforts have been put on hold because I just have too much on my plate. I participated in a Christmas in July sales thing, and that was pretty successful. I'll vamp up the marketing after the release of the second book, for sure.

But for now, Mirabelle is napping and so must I!

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Sarah said...

Maybe audiobooks would help? If it's in the public domain, there could very well be a free version at Less than a year ago, I was enthusiastically opposed to audiobooks because I have such a hard time retaining what I hear, but I gave it a try and now even I like audiobooks...after listening to a few, it was like some part of my brain got activated and now I actually comprehend the books I hear. Unsolicited advice aside, congratulations on the new job! I am so impressed.