Thursday, June 9, 2011

Random Picture Collage: College Memories

I thought it would be fun to make a random picture / memory collage, just 'cause.

independent zombie film
At some point in college, I was in a zombie movie. Here I am running from a horde of zombies. Notice the unfortunate direction of our escape: right into the arms of two hungry zombies!

zombie attack
Yes, here we are, lifeless, after the inevitable zombie attack. These pictures were taken during the filming. Oh, college. I was actually in a bunch of college films and was even the President of the Screenwriters of Rutgers University organization, as well as the Vice President of Knight Time Productions, a student film-making club. And I worked for Rutgers Television as a host for an independent music show called Hub City, and as a host for Pass the Popcorn, a movie review show. Fun times.

decorating with boxes
Ah, my precious boxes! I love boxes. My box obsession got a little out of hand, and I started decorating my dorm room with boxes and bubble wrap. This is my dorm door. I also had boxes on the wall beside my bed and on the ceiling.

World Trade Center and Wall Street After 9/11
I did an internship at P.O.V. Documentary in New York, NY in 2006. I used to take the subway to the World Trade Center stop and I could see the charred building remains. I had to walk from the World Trade Center to my internship and go through various blockades. The blockades were set in place to prevent people from driving. There were also always armed guards with rifles.

New York armed guards by the site of the World Trade Center
There was usually someone positioned on the stairs cradling a rifle.

Completely unrelated, but here goes:

girl playing the accordion
Ah, my accordion days! Here I am, serenading the masses with my amateur accordion skillz. This accordion was my dad's when he was a child. My grandfather plays the accordion and he's really good. My dad went on to play the drums in various bands, he even played with Alice Cooper.
Here's a list of instruments that I've attempted in my life:

keyboard (I loved to make songs on the keyboard as a kid. I think I'll be attempting to teach Mirabelle how to play the keyboard / piano with Jesse's help.)

clarinet (school lessons for one or two years, I forget)

guitar (took lessons for one year, I'll still pick this up here and there to play for fun)

accordian (the bellow broke, so I stopped)

drums (play off and on for fun, just because my dad has a set)

recorder (current musical project, haven't made much progress bc I'm distracted by working on my novel, watching the baby, etc.)

voice? (I've been singing for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, I'm not great. But I can hold a tune and stay on pitch, so I'll always sing for fun. I was in choir for about five years. Jesse and I record songs together every now and again.)

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Sarah said...

The boxes! Hub City! Our Christmas photos! It brings me back!