Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Book Trailer!

I've finished my book trailer for my debut young adult novel "Jeremy Chikalo and the Hazy Souls." I was undecided whether I should wait to publish my book trailer until after my book was published, or to plunge into the water, trailer-first. I thought it might be nice to embed a link to my book on Amazon into the book trailer.  But advanced publicity is always a good thing, so I figured "meh," *shoulder shrug,* I'll do both. So without further ado, here's my book trailer for "Jeremy Chikalto and the Hazy Souls."


The video of the book trailer is a bit small on this screen, so if you want a larger screen viewing experience, click here.


Sarah said...

When can I get a real paper copy!? Will they sell it at Powells? Because then I can be creepy and stand around that book and tell people, "I used to live with the writer!" And then you can do an appearance at Powells and sign books.

t.s. debrosse said...

:) It'll be in print very soon, probably mid-March. I'll definitely try to get it into Powells! Still have to figure out the ropes to distribution. I hope to get it out to as many book venues as possible. Very excited! And of course I support you being a full-out book creepster!