Saturday, June 22, 2013

Felicia's 14 Month Milestones

Quick update on my second little girl's milestones...! This is where she's at at the end of her 14th month.

Her word count is between 12-15 words, and that includes animal noises. She's almost to the point of repeating things back to me so that it sounds like she's saying a lot more words, so I'm having a hard time knowing which words are words that she's using with purpose. Anyway, I've recorded the words that she says a lot. Felicia is also pretty reluctant to share her skillz within earshot of others. Here's her list!






da             (for some reason, this is how she now refers to banana... she used to say nana, but yeah, it's sort of devolved to da, haha. anyway, I'm counting it because she's consistent.)

ooh-ooh-aah-ahh     (in response to: what does a monkey say?)

quack quack         (in response to: what does a duck say?)

haa-haa             (panting noise in response to: what does a dog say?)

got it              (whenever she gets her blue ball)

baba         (for her bottle)


caca        (cookie or cracker)

 - - - -
Sign language: Felicia can sign for milk and finished. She used to sign a lot more for milk, but now she's especially fond of signing for finished.

- - - -
Comprehension: Felicia's comprehension is pretty good and she get an object for you of a specified color.

- - - -
Hobbies and Interests: Felicia loves to stack legos and snuggle with her owl blanket. She also loves physical play and enjoys chasing and throwing her blue ball. Felicia is a great little dancer and also is freakishly good at jumping on a trampoline. I need to get video footage of this. Her coordination is spot on. Felicia is also a shorty, as in, she's in the 3rd percentile for height, so her being coordinated is pretty adorable and a lot of people are freaked out because she looks like a seven month old doing all these advanced physical maneuvers. Felicia and Mabel like to play hide and seek at Grandpa and Meme's house and like to dance and play sharks in my living room.

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