Monday, September 3, 2012

Felicia's Milestones (Baby #2)

Felicia has er... sprouted her first two teeth and it reminded me that I ought to track her milestones. I'll be coming back to this post and updating it periodically.

When she was born, she weighed 7 lbs 11 oz. She was pretty short, measuring only 18 3/4 inches long.

3 months: hold her head up

4 months: roll over both ways

5 months: two teeth came in

Coming soon.... I predict she'll sit up on her own in month 6 and she'll crawl by month 7!

(October 21st 2012 Update)

Yes and yes.

6 months: sits up by herself

7 months: Felicia just turned 7 months old a couple of days ago, and today she crawled across the floor! It started out slow, mainly just scooching across the floor, and then she got her knees involved, and now she full-out crawls!

- - - - - -

01/21/2013 Felicia just turned 10 months old, and she is cruising all around the furniture. She likes to stand on her own, too, and just sort of wobbles in the standing position. She's trying to take some steps, but stumbles. Still, I'm guessing she'll probably be walking in a week or two.

At 10 months old, she likes to say, "mamama!" and hold her hands up to me. Pretty cute stuff. :)

10 months: walks (she really mastered this skill by the end of the tenth month)

 11 months: Felicia now says
        "baba" (bottle)
        "nana" (banana)

12 months: Felicia's personality is really starting to shine. She's a very happy girl and is a bit of a social ham. She loves to smile and interact with new people. She handled all the attention brought on by her 1st birthday party really well and made everyone laugh. She likes to attempt to climb the bed and she climbs inside baskets.

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