Thursday, June 9, 2011

Second Pregnancy


It's that time. My little girl Mira is now going on fourteen months and I'll have to start trying again for my second baby. I wanted them to be close in age, and two years apart is ideal. I hope I don't gain as much weight as I did with my first pregnancy. I'm about ten pounds heavier now than I was going into my first pregnancy.

before second pregnancy
I still have a little pregnancy pouch belly thing going on, though admittedly this picture hides it. Anyway, I'll update you on how many months it takes me to successfully get pregnant again and all that, and I'll be sure to compare pregnancies. I'll even do a side by side weight gain per month photo analysis!

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Sarah said...

You are beautiful and will be beautiful even if you do gain weight. (Signed, your friend who is hypocritically freaked out about weight gain and trying to lose weight as we speak.)