Monday, April 18, 2011

Rutgersfest Rant

 I have a love/hate relationship with the comments section of news articles. People write the dumbest things, but the scary part is, I think it might be the best way to check the pulse of American popular culture. So anyway, I love to read the comments and then get all indignant. But lately, two things have happened at Rutgers University that have set me off. For one, Snooki came to Rutgers. I'm of the "I don't care" camp. I won't get into that because I managed to successfully avoid becoming vocal about that issue, so I won't dig up old feelings now. But then today I read an article decrying the violence surrounded Rutgersfest. People were all too eager to chime in about the state of Rutgers, and how its alumni should be ashamed and how the school is going downhill, etc. It's early morning, I'm still drowsy, and I did the unthinkable: I commented anonymously on the news story's comments section. Ah, it felt liberating! Below, you'll find what I wrote. Warning: it's a bit of a rant.

 * * *
I attended Rutgers a couple of years ago and only went to Rutgersfest two times out of my four years there. I had to study for finals and write papers, and the timing prevented me from going. I'm just frustrated by all the people out there who are in a frenzy to attack Rutgers and its students lately, with comments such as, "The school's going downhill!" etc. Let me remind you, Rutgers is a huge state school with amazing research professors, and so it attracts your average student as well as your top student. People go on to graduate school, and if they're lucky, are able to attend any one of Rutgers' graduate programs. If they can't get in there, they might go to Johns Hopkins or NYU. Yes, believe it or not, many of Rutgers graduate programs are incredibly competitive. And guess who those TAs are teaching? In addition to the amazing professors, Rutgers students have access to brilliant graduate students. As you can tell, I have a lot of NJ pride and Rutgers pride.

Anyway, to get on topic, Rutgersfest should continue as always, because it's a fun time, and guess what, parties happen. People get drunk, vomit, and if they get violent / irrational, well they are adults and hopefully their adult friends intervene and curb their drinking. The whole "college kids" blame-game irks me. Give the students the dignity of calling them adults, and let those of-age drink. Provide counseling to the out-of-control, out-of-towners, who probably have some family problems and lack a decent education, and start early in life. Sociologists know which populations to target. We don't need police, we need therapists and teachers.

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