Saturday, January 22, 2011

exercise dance parties

It's hard for me to find time to exercise. I basically just sit in my small studio apartment with Mirabelle, go out for a walk, come home, and sit with Mirabelle some more. Watching Mirabelle takes a lot of energy, but it's mainly emotional energy. Like, oh she's crying, have to shake this toy in her face. Oh, she's crying, better read her a book. She wants to practice talking, so I'll let her blabber at me and comment. She's hungry, have to make her some food. It's all about these 10 - 15 minute activities, back to back, nonstop. And of course there's time to exercise while she's asleep, but I like to use that time to write. Okay, so I'm really just physically lazy. I have to trick myself into exercising and that's where the dance parties come into play. I enjoy a good funk on pandora. The funkier, the better. We have a nice closet mirror in our place that makes it all the more satisfying. I can keep my hips in rhythm, but my arms like to flail. Honestly, I think flailing is funner. Funk music is like my coach. The funkier it gets, the more I flail my limbs. It beats me up 'til I'm out of breath.
<3 exercise dance parties.

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