Friday, October 8, 2010

Pregnancy Pictures, Weeks 24 - 28

Here's a picture of me at 24 weeks pregnant. The baby is lively, kicking at my ribs and pelvis daily. I'm alarmed by a rapid twitching sensation in my belly. It's just our baby girl hiccuping! Hiccups are so cute! ...until the baby is born and hiccuping means she's going to cry and spit her food up. But for now, I enjoy the hiccups because it makes me feel close to her.

24 weeks pregnant

25 weeks pregnant and already longing for the end. Sometimes I get a sharp pain on my pelvic bone when the baby leans on it.

25 weeks pregnant

Here's a picture of me at 26 weeks pregnant. This is a nice moment in pregnancy. I look pregnant, I feel pregnant, and yet the fat hasn't settled in my arms and face yet. Sure, my ass is getting large, but there's nothing wrong to being shapely! My boobs are growing nicely, too. If only the fat would just continue to accumulate in those areas...

26 weeks pregnant

Here's another view of me at 26 weeks pregnant.

26 weeks pregnant

28 weeks pregnant. Yeah, pregnancy is starting to suck. I begin to experience heart palpitations because of all the extra blood flowing through me. My heart is working hard to pump all that blood to the baby. Little vampire! First she sticks her chubby little fingers into my calcium deposits, and now this? I'll be sitting at my computer, minding my own business, when BAAMM! I have shortness of breath and my heart is racing. I can't talk because my breath is so short. Instead, I have to lie on my side and hold my breath in short bursts. As suddenly as my bizarre heart palpitations began, they stop. My heart is back to a normal thump thump and I can breath. I'm concerned and go to a cardiologist who hooks me up to an EKG. They don't record any peculiar activity, but they do find that my blood pressure is beginning to get high. I have a reading of 134 / 90. Another reading yields 116 / 75. Doctors now have to monitor my blood pressure more closely for signs of preeclampsia. So far I'm in the clear, but the stress on my body is beginning to scare me.

28 weeks pregnant

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