Friday, October 8, 2010

Pregnancy Pictures, Weeks 17 - 23

At 17 weeks pregnant, here I am modeling the old bel' in the flesh. Also note that I'm totally rockin' the 1992 butterfly top along with my good friend Skiing Bears Pajama Pants. No more morning sickness! I feel great. My appetite increases.

17 weeks pregnant

At around 19 weeks, I begin to feel the baby kick. Some friends in my home state throw a baby shower for me over Thanksgiving break. Also, I attend my high school reunion. This is the pregnant me I'd like everyone to remember. Lots of baby growin' awaits!

19 weeks pregnant

21 weeks pregnant and wearing a maternity shirt. About time. Doctors say I'm right on track for my weight gain.

21 weeks pregnant

Below, you'll see my pregnant self at 22 weeks. Hmm, looking a little smug, holding that baby belly... I remember thinking, I'm a decent looking pregnant chick. I always dreamed I'd have one of those beautiful Asian pregnancies. You know, the ones with the tiny contained mound of baby popping up under some nice, breezy shirt. Yeah, doesn't quite work out that way. You'll see.

22 weeks pregnant

Here's my side angle.

22 weeks pregnant

23 weeks pregnant! Second trimester really is the best. My appetite increases without the accompanying nausea of the first trimester. I get all the perks of strangers being nice to me on public transportation without the terrible back ache and swollen feet (third trimester monsters).

23 weeks pregnant

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Sarah said...

This cracked me up, because in the 21 weeks picture, you look smug, and in the next picture, although you still look great, your facial expression seems to convey a little dismay.